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Orivesi is a country town with about 9000 inhabitants. It lies about 40 km from Tampere (the second biggest town in Finland) and about 100 km from Jyväskylä. If you are an outdoor person, there are lots of lakes and forests and marshlands for you to explore and enjoy.

Orivesi has a wide range of education facilities, starting from several primary schools, a secondary school, an upper secondary school, a vocational school up to Orivesi College of Arts. Orivesi also has a well functioning health centre, quality day care services and a wide net of services for the elderly. Culture and sport aren’t neglected either, since there is an ice hockey arena as well as recently renovated swimming baths.

Orivesi is famous for its versatile cultural activities. Our town especially blossoms during the Summer Festivals in June, July and August, when holiday season brings visitors from all over the country. Here, surrounded by lakes, birch trees and light summer nights, art and music become an integral part of the Finnish nature and existence. You can enjoy high class concerts and art exhibitions, dancing and open air theatre, village markets and poetry recitals. It's a unique experience not to be missed.

Winter, on the contary, is the time of working and studying, skiing and skating, candle lights and warming by the fire. Look at winter pictures from Orivesi.

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