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Our school is situated in the Orivesi town centre. It is a primary school containing pre-school and the grades from 1st to 6th. Our students are from 6 to 13 years of age.

We have approximately 250 students and a teaching staff of 11 class teachers, one special needs teacher, an English teacher, two pre-school teachers and one school assistant.

Our school is the biggest primary school in Orivesi region. Altogether there are 10 primary schools, one of which is a special needs school and five are small village schools with only 2-3 teachers.

Our school building is quite old and old-fashioned too. We hope it will be renovated in 2008 and we keep our fingers crossed to make that happen. Every class has its own classroom and we have special classrooms for ICT studies, English and music. Gym classes are held either in the school hall or outside in the big schoolyard. There are also a sport centre, ice arena and swimming baths as well as the town library quite near.

We also have a very nice school library. There are encyclopedias and dictionaries, but also a lot of children's books and novels and even some magazines there. There's also a computer and a scanner for the students to use when they lookfor information for a project or a talk.


  • to provide a safe and equal learning environment for all our students
  • to encourage our students' initiative and sense of resposibility
  • to support and enhance the development of our students' healthy self-esteem
  • to develop our students' skills and urge to learn and work together