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There are about 250 students in our school and they are from 6 to 13 years of age. They all live near the town centre and come to school on foot in the winter and often by bike in the summer. There are 15-31 pupils in each class. Sometimes they are divided in two for English, maths or ICT studies.

I suppose our students are like any other students of that age in any European country. Some of them are funny and quite amazing, some are noisy and a bit lazy and sometimes mischievous, some are shy and sweet and hard-working, but all of them are very nice in their own way.

In Orivesi many children do sports (football, ice hockey, volley ball, athletics, skiing, floor ball etc.). Some play musical instruments or go to drama club. Riding, 4H-club and scouts are popular hobbies too. Naturally, they also just hang out with friends. They listen to music, go to discos and parties, play computer games, read books and watch videos or TV.