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Our Students - Future European Entrepreneurial Citizens (OSFEEC)

Meeting in Judenburg, Austria

Project start

Meeting in Orivesi, Finland

Meeting in Dublin, Ireland

Meeting in London, England

Comenius week in Orivesi in April 2013

Children's Rights and Responsibilities Booklet

Project website

Our Irish partner prepared our prohject website: www.osfeec.com.

Project goals

Comenius logo
  • To develop pupils' understanding and respect for human rights and the responsibilities that come with that.
  • To develop understanding and skills needed for economic wellbeing in the 21st century.
  • To use collaborative activities to develop intercultural understanding
  • to improve the pupils' ICT skills across the partnership.
  • To offer pupils the opportunity to play a leading role as active citizens by carrying out some volunteer work.
  • To learn about famous people who have helped others to improve their own lives so that they may serve as models for our student.
  • To integrate the learning of human values and intercultural understanding into the learning of other subjects.
  • The subjects we intend to address are Arts and Crafts, Languages ( the common one will be English), Literacy, Citizenship, Geography, Mathematics and ICT.

Project partners

Volksschule Judenburg-Lindfeld Judenburg, Austria website
Allgemeine Sonderschule Judenburg Judenburg, Austria website
St Mary & St Pancras Church of England Primary School Lontoo, Englanf website
Scoil An Cheathrair Alainn Dublin, Irland website
Oriveden Keskuskoulu Orivesi, Finland website
Direzione Didattica Statale "E. De Amicis" 3° Circolo di Vigevano Vigevano, Italy website

Project meeting in Judenburg


The first partner meeting was in Judenburgissa on 9. - 12. October 2011. The Austrian schools hosted our meeting together. In the meeting there were delegates from England and Finland.

It was agreed, that our next meeting is at Orivesi on 22. - 25. January 2012.

The itinerary of the project meeting can be downloaded as a pdf-file.

You can look at photos taken during the meeting in the photo gallery.

The pupils of Judenburg-Lindfeld school performed a welcome song: See the video:

Welcome song in Judenburg-Lindfeld school from Tiina Sarisalmi on Vimeo.

Project start at school hall

Classes 2a and 2b sang the "Travelling song". Satu had prepared a presentation and the Comenius team teachers told about the different project countries, the project goals and tasks. At the end, we watched the video of Marlies' class singing a traditional Austrian song.

Matkalaulu from Tiina Sarisalmi on Vimeo.

Traditional song from Austria from Tiina Sarisalmi on Vimeo.

Pupils of class 1a sent their Comenius-booklets to the pupils in Judenburg



Comenius meeting in Orivesi from 22nd to 25th of January 2012

On Sunday 22nd of January we got visitors from England and Austria. There were12 teachers and 19 students from the multi-cultural Camden in London and from two schools in Judenburg in Austria.

On Monday morning our visitors came our school and we had welcome celebrations at the assembly hall. Our students sand songs and played music. The World club students passed out little Orivesi bags with little souvenirs to our guests. After that we walked around the school, visited classes and spent some fun time in the schoolyard at snow games during breaks.

You can look at the pictures separately in the Photo Gallery.

On Monday afternoon part of the teacher took part in the project meeting, in which we assessed tha activities so far, made plans for the future and choce the project logo. Meanwhile, the students ateended crafts and circus workshops. In the evening we visited two farms. The first one with reindeers and snow mobile riding and the second with perfect tobogganing hill and different kinds of sleds and coasters.

You can look at the pictures separately in the Photo Gallery.

On Tuesday morning we visited the townhall and met the director of education. After that we visited two primary schools. We had lunch at our school and after that we took the logo photos. Sitten vierailimme Rovastinkankaan koululla ja Päilahden koululla. In the afternoon we visited Tampere: Näsinneula Observation tower and Tallipiha (an old farmyard with small boutiques and cafés). Our visitors did some shopping in the town centre and, at the end, we had abuffé dinner at Restaurant Elsa.

You can look at the pictures separately in the Photo Gallery.


Comenius project logo

projektin logo

At our school students designed logos. Emma Virtanen's (5b) and Iida Karisto's (4a) designs got most votes.

The project logo was created in the meeting in Orivesi. It was based on the suggestion of the Judenburg Lindfeld school.

In the picture you can see hands of children from each participating country with the country's flag painted on the hand. The Finnish flag is painted on Eetu Virtanen's (4a) hand. The hands and finger create a five pointed star like the ones in EU flag. EU has funded this project. That's why one of the hands has EU flag on it. K

This logo (on the right) can be seen on the project web pages. Below you can se our students' most voted logos.

Finnish logo 1 Finnish logo 2 Finnish logo 3

Comenius meeting in Dublin from April 22nd to 25th 2012

Pictures from our partner school in Ireland called Scoil An Cheathrair Alainn.

Besides the school, we visited the Dublin Zoo and other sights.

Comenius meeting in London in October 2012

To see what happened there, go to the Comenius London 2012 blog.


Comenius-week in our school in April 2013

First graders talked about and drew their dream jobs

Second graders looked at the things inthe Comenius exhibition and learned about our partner countries

Class 2b listened to tales fron the partner countries and illustrated them

Small-group 2 prepared Easter greetings for the students of the partner schools

3. graders wrote and drew how to make the world a better place

Fourth graders prepared presentations of different charity organizations

5b graders prepared weather forecasts for Comenius partner countries

5a class perpared Comenius News from the partner countries

Children's Rights and Responsibilities booklet

Students from the partner school made this booklet together.