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The 6th graders of our school evaluated their eTwinning project "Learning and Sharing" at the end of autumn term 2005 after little less than three months partnership.

What do you think about our eTwinning project?

  • ”It’s nice to get to know people from other countries.”
  • “Best project one can think of! I can do all kinds of things. Really interesting!”
  • “I have got many new friends.”
  • “It’s nice because we learn more English and learn to know new people.”
  • “eTwinning has been a very nice experience because there is so much to do there.”
  • “ It’s great fun to learn English this way.”

What has been best about it?

  • “Talking with the Norwegians.”
  • “Norwegians are very nice.”
  • “I have met many new people.”
  • “The best is, when somebody has answered my letter!”
  • “Best is that I can write about myself and read about others.”
  • “Best is to get new friends.”
  • “Best is to learn to know countries and people other than Finland and the Finnish.”

What have you learned during the project?

  • ”I have learned English, how to tell about myself.”
  • “I have learned many new English words.”
  • “I have learned to make English sentences and a little bit of Norwegian too.”
  • “I’ve learned that with plurals I use ‘are’.”
  • “I’ve learned that Norwegians are very much the same kind of people as we.”
  • “I’ve learned that young people’s lives are very similar everywhere in Europe.”
  • “I’ve learned to use modern technology much better.”
  • “It’s interesting to learn about how other people in other countries spend e.g. Christmas.”

What activities do you like best?

  • “Photos, videoclips, questionnaires and forums! It’s perfect.”
  • “Videoclips are very funny. It would be nice to have some of them of the Norwegians too.”
  • “Forums and chats, and the questionnaire was good too.”
  • “The best things are videoclips and forums, discussions with Norwegians.”
  • “Videoclips are nice, but I also like some of the exercises.”
  • “Everything is nice, but perhaps chats and forums are best.”
  • “Christmas topic is the best.”
  • “Photos, videoclips and exercises.”

What topics would you like to deal with during the spring term?

  • “I’d be interested in hobbies and animals.”
  • “We could talk about summer holidays.”
  • “I would like to have my own pen friend.”
  • “Favourite bands and films.”
  • “Games and hobbies.”
  • “New questionnaires and more videoclips.”
  • “My daily habits and holidays.”
  • “Pets, animals and hobbies. I have a kitten.”
  • “Friends and free-time activities.”

What message would you like to send to youths all over Europe?

  • ”You should study English. You’re going to need it for sure!”
  • “Join eTwinning and speak a lot of English!”
  • “Be active and get acquainted! It’s worth it.”
  • “Join eTwinning, it’s real fun.”
  • “Do eTwinning: there you learn about other countries and get new friends.”

Have you got any other ideas or comments?

  • “It’s great that we started this eTwinning. I have learned a lot, many other things too besides English.”
  • “It would be nice to go to Norway and meet … or if they could come here.”





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