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Welcome to have a glimpse at studying Chinese culture and language!

People are interested in China. Seen through the eyes of western people, China is big and amazing when it comes to both its culture and economic possibilities. At Orivesi Upper Secondary School we are interested in studying and teaching Chinese culture and language.

In the school year 2011-2012 the first two courses were arranged: one was on Chinese and the other was an online course on Chinese culture and society. An important part of the studies is the student exchange which will start in autumn 2012 and involves schools from Orivesi, Zhengzhou and Mechernich in Germany. Next autumn a group of students and two teachers from Orivesi Upper Secondary School will visit China together with German students and their teachers. In autumn 2013 a group from China will visit Germany and some of the students will also come to Orivesi.

On this website we will share our experiences about China, Chinese culture and obviously the Chinese themselves. During the exchange we will get acquainted with Chinese students and teachers. We promise to tell you something about them too. During a visit to a far away country, funny incidents will probably occur, which we will share with you on this site in the student blog. On the site you will also find information on how Chinese culture and language are taught in Orivesi Upper Secondary School.

We are grateful to our several partners whose support to the project enables our students to get acquainted with Chinese culture. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to them.