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Celebrating Greek culture

During our inspiring visit in Greece we decided to share our wonderful experiences with our students and colleagues in our school. This is what took place in different partner schools:

Greek week in Dywity Poland
Greek day in Ruda nad Moravou Czech Republic
Greek day in Rovastinkankaan koulu Finland
Greek days in Konya Turkey
Greek dance in 1° Circolo G. Marconi in Martina Franca Italy

Greek week in Dywity Poland 23. - 27.3.2009


1. The presentation of the pictures from the visit in Greece Paweł Słodziński
2. The presentation of the pictures from the visit in Greece Paweł Słodziński
3. The Greek Carnival - making carnival masks - arts group Iwona Kozłowska
4. What does the first class know about Greece - making the Greek flag by the pupils Iwona Kozłowska
5. Projects of the fifth classes about Greece Paweł Słodziński
6. Board with information about the visit in Greece Iwona Kozłowska
7. Greek food in the school canteen  
8. Sending all the information Michał Karwowski

Everything went very well and all the pupils took an active part in it. They also had so much fun doing it :).

Greek day in Dywity - Photo Gallery


Greek day in Ruda nad Moravou Czech republic 27.3.2009

During the Greek day pupils go in groups of 10 – 15 through these stations. There are many tasks waiting for them.


1. Maps and geography of Greece - pupils study the map of Greece, they learn basic information about the country

2. Greek salad - pupils cook typical Greek salad

3. What did Greece give to us? - Alphabeta, Pythagoras, Thalet etc.

4. Greek conversation - Greek aplphabeth is presented to pupils, they can go through the Greek – Czech dictionary - pupils learn basic Greek greeting and phrases

5. Presentation of the meeting in Greece - presentation of the Greek educational system

6. Greek dances - pupils learn to dance at least one Greek dance

7. Greek mythology - ¬pupils learn about Greek myths

8. Where to go in Greece - pupils plan their fictive holiday in Greece

9. Greek traditions - ¬pupils learn about Greek traditions (what bouzouki is, customs during the wedding etc.)

10. Greek Olympic games - ¬pupils learn about the ancient Olympic games

11. Making carnival masks - pupils make their own carnival masks

12. Test - pupils write short test to prove what they learned during the Greek day. The best ones get little prize

Greek day in Ruda nad Moravou - Photo Gallery



Greek day in Rovastinkankaan koulu Finland 9.4.2009

Students attended six different workshops. They also enjoyed greek food at lunch in the school canteen.


1. Ancient Greece: an exhibiton of students drawings of ancient Greek gods and pilars. Students vote for their favourite, draw their own picture and find answers to a questionnaire.

2. Greek dance: students practice the rhythm and beat of Greek folk music and dance as a group. (Vera Salmela)

3. Greek mythology: students learn about ancient Greek gods and listen to stories about their life and loves. (Jaana Pellonpää and Tiina Sarisalmi)

4. Greek alphabet and basic greetings in Greek language: from alpha to omega. (Satu Kemppinen)

5. Greece, Veria, Kozani: geography, schools, people, culture, carnivals. (Teppo Honkonen)

6. Preparing carnival masks and decorating them. (Sari Alhola-Piipponen)

7. Greek food at school canteen: Greek salad, meatballs, potatoes, tsatsiki. Greek Day Lunch Menu

Greek day in Orivesi - Photo Gallery

Ancient Greece Art Gallery



Greek day in Konya Turkey 7.-8.4.2009


1. A short presentation of Greece from historical and geographical sights 

2. Greek traditions

3. Greek pastries and pies

4. Greek parades

5. Greek folk music and dances

6. M.Kemal ATATÜRK's house in Thessaloniki 

7. Greek olympic games

Greeks days in Konya - Photo gallery


Greek dance in Martina Franca 13.5.2009