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Celebrating Italian culture

Italian day in Kozani Greeece on the 29th of May


Choir - Children of the three upper grades sang Viva viva la musica. - Sophia Roussa

Station 1 - The Italian flag. Children did a collage and constructed the Italian flag. - Rosa Skreperli and Katerina Tzimopoulou

Station 2 - The map. Students made the map with their teacher and then all students brought pictures, songs, Greek dialect, recipes and the put them on the map. Mrs Aggeliki Manousou discussed with them on every issue they wanted e.g. Catholic christians, cathedrals, towers, caves, songs.

Station 3 - Geography. Mrs Miro Panagiotidou presented and showed everything about Italy. The capital, the two parts: south and north. She focused on the South.

Station 4 - The Italian languge. Our students had a lesson on basic expressions, alphabet, numbers and other common words. - Georgia Andreopoulou

Station 5 - The Italian cuisine. Mr Thanasis Gatziouras cooked delicious Italian dishes and presented them to children and teachers... everybody tasted  them and wrote down the recipes. Thanasis is a miracle.

Station 6 - Video presentation. Anna Rita (from Italy) gave us a wonderful present with photos and videos, which we shared with our students and colleagues.

Dance - We danced Tarantella in our unique way . - Maria Chantzi, Sophia Roussa, Aggeliki Manousou, Georgia Andreopoulou and Miro Panagiotidou

italian day italian day italian day italian day

Italian day in Kozani - Photo gallery