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Spring Gallery

Spring paintings and decorations - Italy
Spring poems - Italy
Spring song and rhyme - Czech Republic
Spring poem - Turkey
How to make spring cards - Greece
Changes in nature - Greece
Spring art and crafts - Finland
Spring at school - Finland
Spring flowers - Turkey

Easter traditions - Czech Republic
Easter "trick or treat" tradition - Finland

Easter bunnies - Czech Republic

Spring proverbs - Czech Republic

Walk in a spring forest - Poland

Persephone's nightmare - Greece
Spring greetings - Greece

Spring paintings and decorations from 1° Circolo G. Marconi


Spring poems by the pupils of 1° Circolo G. Marconi

Spring poems by Lilia's pupils:

I feel good

There's something new in the air
Spring arrives with sweet smelling flowers
after a long, cold, lonely winter.
A swallow flies in the sky
to bring happiness in all hearts.
Animals wake up
above the green grass the sun is shining
sprout the daisies
and I feel good!

Welcome Spring

The grass is green
and birds sing
the flowers are yellow
the flowers are fine
the sun is shining
Spring is arriving.

Flowers for the World

One flower is for mum,
two flowers are for my best friend,
one-hundred flowers
are for the World.

Spring poems by Maria Antoinetta's pupils:


Butterly in the garden,
Flying from flowers to flowers
I say: “Look at the sky!
It’s blue and light!
Smell the air!
It’s fresh and clean.
Now I feel the change
Colours all around!
Silent in the city
Smiles in the streets
Spring is here!”



Spring has come
With multi-coloured clothes
Her head garlanded
And a basket of flowers.
Nests and trills happily brings
And cheerful  chirping birds.

Nature awakens at her passing
And every heart greets you:
“Welcome, welcome!
Clear and sweet spring!”



Spring is life,
Trees blossom
Flowers open
Medows are green

Birds chirp loudly
The sun is warm
Spring has arrived
Nature wakes up.




Spring song and rhyme from Ruda nad Moravou

Small siskin

Small siskin, small siskin, little birdie, 
tell me, the small siskin,
how do they sow poppyseed?

Oh, this way, oh, this way, oh, this way they sow poppyseed,
Oh, this way, oh, this way, oh, this way they sow poppyseed.

Small siskin, small siskin, little birdie, 
tell me, the small siskin,
how does the sow grow up?

Oh, this way...

Small siskin, small siskin, little birdie, 
tell me, the small siskin,
how does the sow bloom?

Oh, this way...

(This song continuous through all stages of growth and it finishes with eating the corn.)

We´re calling you, the sun

We´re calling you, the sun,
rise at least a little.
Come out from the clouds
warm the cold land.
We´re calling you high up,
Go above the mountains
to your blue throne.
Warm the forest and the lake.


Spring poem from Konya

spring flower


Flowers blossomed
Bees fly around
Little lambs are on the plateau
Look here is the spring….

Birds sings on the branches
Butterflies fly everywhere
Little horses run
Came the spring happily

spring flower

Babies play on the grass
Frogs sound in lakes and rivers
The buds sprout in green eyes
Came the spring fast

Children set the swing
Summer hot warmed me
Wimter’s fierce winds ended
Look, here is the spring…

I’m happy as you came
Your leaving is sad
I can’t endure your farewell
Came the spring fast…


How to make spring cards - instructions by pupils of Kozani

Rosa's pupils show you how to make beautiful spring pictures depicting blooming almond trees. Watch the video below.

Changes in nature - spring in Kozani

Students in Kozani took photos of changes in nature during the period from March 21st to April 12th. You can look at the photos on this video clip.

Rosa and Katerina went out with their 1st and 2nd grade students to observe the changes in the nature on Mondays 23rd of March, 30th of March and 6th of April. Can you notice the differences? Look at the photos on this video clip.


Art and crafts combined by pre-school pupils in Karppi school

Jaana's pre-school pupils from Karppi school made pictures on pieces of wood. They designed the pictures themselves. Their work consisted several phases and was very demanding for precision.

First the pupilspainted the sky and the grass on the wood. After that they designed a model of a flower on paper. With help of the paper design the model was nailed on the wood with small nails and the paper was removed. After that a cotton thread was applied from nail to nail.

That's how our different spring flowers were created!

Spring time in Rovastinkangas school in Orivesi

A powerpoint presentation made by Vera's pupils in class 5a in Rovastinkangas school.


Spring flowers in Konya


Czech Easter traditions

Easter "trick or treating" preparations from Orivesi

In Finland children go "trick or treating" on the Sunday before Easter. They are dressed as witches and ring peoples doorbells. They say a rhyme to wish good health and fortunes, they give a decorated catkin and get sweets and chocolate eggs as a reward. In the photos, Satu's 1st graders decorate catkins and grow grass for Easter.


Czech Easter bunnies

Easter bunnies drawn and written by 3rd graders

More pictures of bunnies in a photo album.

Czech spring proverbs

Czech proverbs dealing with spring drawn and traslated by 7th graders.

More pictures and proverbs in a photo album.


Walk in the spring forest in Dywity


Persephone's nightmare - performance by students from Kozani

A contemporary aspect of Persephone’ grab. The famous poem (also became a song) inspired Magda’s student in the 4th grade.

The young actors worked on it in various ways and you can see many things in the following address: http://rockandecology.blogspot.com/2008/07/persephones-nightmare-by-ngatsos.html.

Below, you can find our effort for a free translation of this amazing poem:

Persephone's nightmare

Where once herbs were grown in the fields
with leaves and flowers full of fragrance
Now there’re plants making concrete and steel
and birds fall dead in melting furnace

Sleep away Persephone
inside earth’s embrace
never, never come up to our world again

The place where priests stood in devotion
before the ritual of mysteries begins
now, passing tourists throw their litters
and they rush to see the new refinery

Sleep away Persephone
inside earth’s embrace
never, never come up to our world again

Once the sea was blue and crystal clear
and flocks and herds carefree grazed in the fields
now dusty tracks carry workers to the shipyards
spreading noise and pollution all around

Sleep away Persephone
Inside earth’s embrace
Never, never come up to our world again

Persephone's Nigthmare


Spring greeting cards from Kozani

Rosa's students prepared cards to send Easter and spring greetings to all over Europe to wish you happy Easter and happy blooming spring..