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Life across Europe




Guided Tours in our Home Towns and Countries

Ruda nad Moravou - Czech Republic
Kozani - Greece
Dywity - Poland
Orivesi - Finland

Ruda nad Moravou - Czech Republic

Read the Czech pupils' beautiful Guide Book of Czech Republic:

Kozani - Greece

Greek Travel Guide

Travel guide - Velvendo


Folklore and Natural History Museum in Kozani

Visit the museum with the 4th graders and have fun!

Siatista - the beautiful town in Kozani region

Visit different places in Greece with Ancient Greek Gods as your guides


Dywity - Poland

Welcome to Dywity

The sixth graders of the Primary school of Dywity prepared this presentation:


Orivesi - Finland

Our favourite places in Orivesi

The 6th graders of Rovastinkankaan koulu took photos of their favouriet places in Orivesi:

Our home environment is precious!

The pre-school pupils of Karppi school were asked what thoughts the Finnish word kotiseutu (home environment) brings to mind. They came up with the following:

  • Home environment is the area which is close by
  • It's very dear!
  • It's a good place for making huts
  • It's Orivesi

After pondering what the word means, the pre-school pupils made a small scale model of our home environment. They included the things that in their mind are important: the lake, the field, the forest, mushrooms, berries, the road, the bus stop, the shop, the school of Karppi and the statue of the stallion (horse) in Orivesi!

Down the main street of Orivesi

This presentation was made by the fifth graders of Rovastinkankaan koulu.