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Video clips

Meeting in Olsztyn and Dywity
Meeting in Martina Franca
Meeting in Kozani
Meeting in Orivesi

Meeting in Olsztyn and Dywity


Video clips of our meeting in Martina Franca

Students of 1° Circolo G. Marconi dancing traditional local dance Tarantella.


Video clips of our meeting in Kozani

Rossetta teaching Greek alphabet to 1st graders (and the visitors).

Fanos in the schoolyard. Traditional dancing, singing and costumes. And the bonfire, of course.


Carnival in the central square at the heart of Kozani.

Young students of Kozani singing and playing, the chamber orchestra and the guitar orchestra of Kozani Conservatory.


Video clips of our meeting in Orivesi

On the first day of our meeting we visited rovastinkankaan koulu, a local football tournament for primary schools and lower secondary school in the centre of Orivesi.

On the second day of our meting we visited three small village schools in Orivesi.