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Project Goals

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Intercultural – to promote intercultural awareness of the teachers and the students in the participating schools.

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Healthy eating and lifestyle – to raise awareness of healthy eating habits and support active lifestyle including daily physical exercise, sports and games.

logo eac Knowledge of culture – teachers and students learn about the everyday life, habits and traditions of the participating countries.
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Language skills – to encourage the teachers and students to use English to communicate with each others and learn a little of the languages spoken in the participating countries.

logo eac ICT skills – to improve the teachers’ and students’ ICT competences. We will use the eTwinning portal and our own www-site for sharing and disseminating information and materials and use open learning environment (Moodle) for the students’ collaborative learning.
logo eac Tolerance and understanding - the teachers and students learn to know each other, step over the cultural divide, become friends and learn to understand that there are more things that connect us than those which separate us.
logo eac European added value - We hope this project will reinforce the European feeling and togetherness in the participating schools. We also hope that this project will mean the widening of our knowledge of the true meaning of the concept of EU and our experience of being European citizens.